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We're a role play/ writing collaboration/ dress up doll playing group.

Avalonne otherwise know as The FancyPants kingdom is a lovely place to be. You make a character in "fancy" clothes and others will remake it showing different techniques and interpretations. You can also role play with your characters or create intricate narratives within the community.

The Rothere Kingdom and Koldar are dark realms. They are fierce and dangerous places full of odd creatures and evils. To participate you make a character playing on others ideas creating a cast of people that interweave into a community. These "villains" provide a depth to the kingdoms and are just fun to make and see.

In the end that's what it's about, fun. We enjoy remaking each others characters coming up with plot lines and romances for our characters and constructing the fantastical world that is our group.
Founded 2 Weeks ago
Apr 10, 2017


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27 Members
30 Watchers
443 Pageviews
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Master List of All Characters

35. Jenn-The-Apollo-Kid
FPK: Liara the Ice Princess

34. ForeverThirteen
FPK: Regency Star
RTK: Odessa Crane

33. falling-lights-3127
FPK: Era, Guardian of the Clouds

32. Rai-Knightshade
FPK: Elf Enchantress Amara Jewelfollower, Princess Elanil Stargleam, Ailas Jewelfollower

31. Lulu597
Unaligned: Princess Maisie

30. sardonicshadows
FPK: Idony Kaye, Dashing Rogue

29. MilleniumHopeArtist
FPK: Astralina the Princess of Lunar
KOK: Wynter

28. aotearoa-geek13
FPK: Calypso the Green Oracle

27. Princess-Icicles
FPK: Roxanna Himura known as Countess Pastel
RTK: Darnell Alexander

26. goldfairie
FPK: Lady Oriana, Lord Argenio
RTK: Gül Sultan

25. Rapunzel-Arj
FPK: Callie Harrison the stable hand

24. M-Mannering
FPK: Estelle Lady of Stardust

23. FlyingFreedom13
FPK: Kalei the Eagle Maiden, Dylan
RTK: Óttarr and Alenia

22. DarkQueen013
FPK: Marchioness Darcelle Mallory, Marquess James Mallory
RTK: Joshua, LLyra Orglace

21. GiaChipettes
FPK: Ohpelia Maiden of Purity, *Caleb the Colorful

20. MoonQueen97
FPK: Dainty Duchess Lila, Sir Daniel the Knight, *Samuel the Sweetheart

19. xxZyraxx
FPK: Royal Priestess Chavvah

18. momo5522
FPK: Raina the Bumblebee Regent, Aneal and Everett, Lillian Bones the Siren
RTK: Wisps, Mistress Azazel, Grand Cerberus, *Adam the Genie (Spying on Raina)
KOK: Darius (Not Evil)

17. Storylady35
FPK: Albert Winston the Court Cartographer
RTK: Lady Carlotta (Currently in the FPK spying)

16. Eolewyn1010
FPK: Minister Thanael (Spy for the KOK)
RTK: Aguanin

15. youngwolf13
FPK:The Crystal crafters Juliet and Patience

14. DisneyFlower
FPK: Witch Celeste

13. AngelOfBeauty88
SEC: Desert Rose, Murci, Echo the Nymph

12. Candy-Cane-xo
FPK: Zarina known as Lady Butterfly
RTK: Ravenna (Unaligned currently creating mass destruction in the RTK)
KOK: Angerona an Oracle, Adena

11. LaSerenity
FPK: Merprincess Thalassa and family, *Pholebis a fresh-water spirit
RTK: Princess Demon/Crossroads/Aquixun
KOK: Lynn a fresh water spirit

10. bigpinkbow197:
FPK: Cordelia the Pearl Princess, and family
RTK: Lord Derren

9. CarlottaStudios
FPK:Selina the Dragon Damsel, Terrance
RTK: Tharos Bloodgood

8. visenyatargaryen12
FPK:Lady Aurelia, and father Lord Domnall, *Stephen the Fire Eater
RTK: Baroness Chimera
KOK: Lady Lucilla, and family

7. tomanyOCs
FPK: Doreen the Magical Mage, *Segan the Elf pirate
RTK: Amerri (Unaligned), Andrea the Mad Mage

6. Arrelline
FPK: Lady Sheen
RTK: Lira the Priestess of Chaos

5. msbrit90
FPK: Iris the Countess of Color,
RTK: Jezebelle Marquise of Mayhem
KOK: Sapphire Ash

4. whitewolfdreamer27
FPK: Ardaigh the Petal Princess and *Garret the living topiary
RTK: Clara and Jazan
KOK: King Tiberius Koldar, Kalista and Kakaroff

3. GingerDancer
FPK: Daniyah Omara the Head Royale Ruffleguard, Casamir Aberama

2. impossiblegirl2003
FPK: Kristen the Bejeweled Jester, *David the Bard
KOK: Shadow and Scarlet the shifter sisters

1. 1999317
FPK: Lady Lace, Demetrius
RTK: Lucas and Jade
KOK: Update coming soon.
* A character requested by its owner but originally designed by 1999317

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Heraldry, Cartography, Animals, Plants, and more
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I've been receiving a lot of questions about Queen Abrienne's passing which makes perfect sense because it kind of came out of nowhere and I've done very little to give details into the why and how.  I want you all to know that has been on purpose for various reasons.

The Fancypants Kingdom or Avallonne is a very hopeful place. It's a place where people can redeem themselves and start over because of this a missing Queen would more likely result in a regent and centuries of us waiting for her or an heir to surface. For us to get a new queen and have it make sense she needs to be confirmed permanently dead, however I don't want to kill off some one else character without their permission. funnies50 may return to the FPK and Abrienne should be there waiting for her if she does. My solution to this was to kill her off and simply leave out the details. That way the court can move on like the character actually died but if funnies50 returns details can be written in and a work around can be created.
So for all practical matters such as story telling and who is running things the Queen Abrienne is dead long live the queen. The court had a funeral their is a coffin in a crypt somewhere and there was a procession to the crypt and those are the only details I've established for her death I suggest if you do a piece on it you also focus more on the after her death then the death itself.

Empress Ashling is a different story because of the ruthlessness of Rothere Ashling simply going missing would cause opportunity for some one else to take the throne in this case Ivory. The basic story is Ashling went missing and Ivory manipulated her way to the crown. I may add more details if I have the time to do so in the future.
As for the war now that Ivory and Lace are in power a treaty between Rothere and Avallonne has been signed and the kingdoms are currently working on putting themselves back together. Koldar is not part of this treaty and whitewolfdreamer27 is working on resolving that story thread. Their will be a peace, but don't worry we have plans over the summer to put something new and fun in motion. Rest assured it will not be a full fledged war.

I hope this explains how transfer of power happened and answers a few questions.

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